Photo -- blackeconomicdevelopment.com

Photo — blackeconomicdevelopment.com

Rather than analyzing and fantasizing how to keep score — the correct way.

I have been unconsciously keeping score, I’ve done this when —

I bought clothes

I bought shoes

I bought jewelry.

That’s how I kept score.

Rather than checking, savings, bonding, or money marketing,

I spent

I spent

I spent.

I bought the freshest makeup, the latest skincare products.

I bought furniture, I bought household shit, that no one gives a shit about.

I’m keeping score, yea I’m ahead.  Well in my head.

I feel bad now, I hope It’s not to late.

Yea keeping score with things, that’s great.

I’m just waking up, you see, from an unconscious state.

Unconsciously dealing with low self esteem.

Unconsciously pitting myself.

Unconsciously doubting myself.

I feel liberated now.

I’m awake now.

Dominicka Reed-Teague