Image from nationalgeographic.com

Image from nationalgeographic.com

I’ve been considering Laser Hair Removal for a while now.  I have been hesitant because of the horror stories of laser treatments gone bad. 

African American skin can trace the heredity to tropical regions where exposure to the sun is more likely.  In addition, this is why we produce deeper colored melanin.  Because of this our skin won’t burn as quickly as Caucasian American skin.

This does not mean our skin can with stand any amount of infrared heat and not result in cellular damage.  Some cosmetic treatments if not done properly or the wrong laser is used can result in hyperpigmentation, worsen existing hyperpigmentation, or burns.

After doing some research on the different types of laser hair removal machines, I discovered there is one made especially for ethnic skin.  It’s called the ND YAG Laser.

According to the National Laser Institute, laser hair removal machine will generally penetrate the epidermis and target the melanin (deep pigment) in the hair shaft.  This works fine for Caucasian skin.

But for ethnic skin, a standard laser will not penetrate the epidermis.  Instead it will stop at the epidermis because of the deep pigment, making it impossible to reach the hair follicle.

Why is the ND YAG Laser Great for Ethnic Skin?

It is designed to penetrate through the deep pigmented layers of ethnic skin, to reach the hair follicle.

How Does It Work?

Image from ablclinic.com

Image from ablclinic.com

Light is converted into heat within the targeted hair follicle.  This causes a mechanical damage to the hair follicle, which disrupts the hair regrowth cycle.

It does require multiple treatments of 4-6 weeks spaced out to effectively hit every new hair as it grows in.

What’s next?

Find the right facility.

D. Nicole