Picture is from veganspoonful.com

Picture is from veganspoonful.com

My family has a history with health problems such as, diabetes and high blood pressure.  For this reason, I have made it my personal goal to adapt better eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

So I decided to give juicing a try. 

This was one of my favorites.

The Green Machine

1-cup soymilk

½-cup kale

½-cup spinach

1 banana

When I was juicing I felt great.  I believe it was partly because I knew that, what I was putting in my body was good for me.  I drank one twice a day, for breakfast and as an evening snack. 

My goal was to simply introduce to my kids healthier snack options.  Though they did try it, they were not huge fans of the Green Machine.  We did find one that they did like.  We kept with it and as a result; I lost five pounds and I felt great.

My grocery bill did increase some because the fresh fruits and veggies cost more than frozen ones.  Nevertheless, for good health and a chance to share with my kids healthier choices, it was worth it.

An article published in the American Cancer Society, stated that there is no scientific evidence that shows juicing is healthier than whole foods.  Although it has been an effective means to lowered blood pressure, a reduction in medications people are taking as well as smaller waistlines.

D. Nicole



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