saleI did not grow up with nice expensive things but somewhere along the way, I have acquired expensive taste.  If I am looking at two different purses without looking at the price, I automatically like the more expensive handbag.

There was this one time, I was window shopping in the mall when I spotted these black leather boots. It was just like in the movies, where a spot lights shines down and your eyes zoom in.  I played it cool, I slowly walked up to them. Immediately, a sales clerk ask, “do you need any help?” 

“No, I’m just looking thanks,” I answered.

“Let me know if I can pull a size for you,” she said.

“Ok, thanks,” I replied.

I picked up one of the boots to get a better look, soft leather perfect size heal.  It was shaping up to be the perfect boot.  Then, I turned it over to check to price wondering it I would be able to afford them.  And contemplating if it would buy them anyway. There it was $149.99.  I calmly put the boot back, while walking away I started my justification process.  This is the process I go through when I really want to buy something but really can not afford it.

I start by running through what bills still need to be paid and how much extra money will be left over.  If the left over amount is still not enough to buy what’s on my wish list, then I consider what bills I can pay late.

After going through this process, disappointedly I realized, no purchased today. While leaving the mall all I could think about was how nice I would look in those boots.

A couple of weeks went by and I was at the mall again, not sure why maybe just killing time.  I went to check on my boots. 

“Dang, still not on sales,” I thought to myself. 

About two weeks later, I went back and hala lu ya, on sale. I finally bought the boots and they were perfect, I did look great in them.

D. Nicole