Christmas TreeWhen I think back to my childhood, only one Christmas stands out.  I must have been about nine or ten and my grandma had come to visit.  It was the first time my mom had put a Christmas tree, she even bought these little ceramic ornaments. They were snowmen I think.  I will never for get that Christmas and not becauseof no presents that was normal.  I won’t forget finally having a Christmas tree.

Since my kids were small I have always pushed myself every Christmas, to give them a lot of the things I never had growing up.  Making sure we had a Christmas tree with lots of presents, listening to Christmas song and baking cookies.  Though not without a price.

Bills would go unpaid, credit cards maxed out, and savings account, well non existent.  I can still hear my ex-husbands voice.  “Don’t you think we have enough?”

I could never explain to him why  it all meant so much to me.  The Christmas tree, decorations, cookies, and the presents.  It has been my way of creating memorable moments for my family.  Unfortunately it has come at a price.

In the past, my need to create these precious moments crippled me financially.

“When we know better we do better.” Maya Angelou

D. Nicole