The bus stopI suppose I should have stopped hovering about two years ago.  Some may call me an over protective parent.  Since my kids were little, between their dad and me we would take them to school or watch them getting on the bus.  When my son became a preteen I no longer did the hovering at the bus stop thing.  However, now that my daughter is at that age, it has not been as easy giving her that same freedom.  I still consider her my baby girl.  But she reminded me that she is not a little girl anymore.

Just recently we were in the kitchen, she was packing her backpack and I was getting a snack for her.  She left out the door heading to the bus stop like normal and said by to me.   And like always I went to the door to watch her go to the stop.  My daughter turned around and put her arms half way up with palms facing up giving me a funny look.  I stepped out of the door way and asked, “what is that look about?”  “Why are you watching me,” she asked.  “I always see you to the bus stop,” I said.  She shock her head and continued to the bus stop.

That afternoon we talked about it and she feels that she is to old to be watch to the bus stop.  She said its weird.

I am no longer the hovering parent at the bus stop. Still not sure how I feel about it, baby steps.

D. Nicole