Have you ever had someone tell you, that your kids are spoiled?  I had a family   member tell me, I should not cater to my kids so much.  Later that day, I thought to myself, Do I carter to my kids too much?  I have always thought of it as showing and giving them the love and attention, I never received as a kid.

Well in my quest to provide them with these things.  Have I spoiled them?  Well, I wanted to test it out but with something small.

When I was working, I did not have the time to cook breakfast during the week.  So on the weekends I would cook a huge breakfast.  Pancakes or waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage and orange juice.  So on this particular weekend I decided not to cook breakfast. 

My son came to my room and asked, “are you going to cook breakfast?,” I told him “nope.” About thirty minutes later my daughter woke up.  Bless her heart she said, “I thought I was waking up to breakfast, why didn’t you cook?’’ I smiled and told her, “I am taking a break from my normal routine.”  She did not like hearing that, in fact I am sure she said something like, “that’s not fair.”  Her reaction was funny and I tried really hard not to laugh. She fixed a bowl of cereal and that was that.  The following day, I did the same thing no breakfast.  My son woke up first and he said to me, “no breakfast.”  I said, “nope.”

Now here comes my daughter.  “No breakfast, I thought I was going to wake to the smell of breakfast and you didn’t cook again,” she said.  To them, it was like I had committed a crime. 

Are my kids spoiled? Maybe, however I suppose I would have reacted the same way especially if that was part of my normal routine. Sorry kids.

D. Nicole