Kids and social media, where do you draw the line. D. Nicole

Kids and social media, where do you draw the line.


A few months ago, my daughter asked me if she could get an Insta Gram account. I explained to her that I thought she was to young for the responsibly of having a social media account. She wasn’t happy, in fact she stomped away.

A few weeks later, I overheard her talking with her cousin about a picture that was posted on her Insta Gram page. My mouth fell open, I asked them, “who’s page”? They both looked like a deer in head lights. I told Brianna to deactivate the account and I grounded her for going behind my back and setting up the account. Exactly one month after that a parent called me regarding negative comments, that one of my daughters friends had posted. My mouth fell open in shock. I asked my daughter why didn’t she cancel her account. She said, ” I did, I deleted the app”. I just shock my head, because that was more evidence that she was not ready for a social media account.

I explained to her that deleting the app does not delete the account, and we deleted the account together. Well low and behold, this past weekend I was looking through her phone when an Insta Gram pop-up with a comment came across the screen. My mouth fell open, I could not believe it. I took the phone away and grounded her again.

I am starting to feel wore down because now I am considering letting her keep this stupid account. What do you think?